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Established in 1987 and over the last 37 years has become and still is the UK’s largest specialist designer and manufacturer of Plastic Corrosion Resistant Fans with the most comprehensive range of centrifugal and bifurcated fans available in Europe.

Colasit AG of Switzerland (our trading partner) has now manufactured the CMV range of plastic centrifugal fan for some 55 years and now with the introduction of the CMVeco range with further aerodynamic changes to the fan casing it continues to be the market leader both in design and performance. All units from CMVeco125 – CMVeco400 are fitted with an advanced 20 bladed radial tipped impeller injection moulded from either Polypropylene or PVDF as standard, impellers from UPVC are available at extra cost. All fan casings are vacuum formed from either Fire-Retardant Polypropylene, Anti-Static Fire-Retardant Polypropylene, UPVC & PVDF. We offer full documentation, Fan Selection Programs to help you in selecting our fans, CAD Drawings, 3D models, Noise Data, Operating & Maintenance Manuals, Consultancy Service with all our technical staff having at least 47 years’ experience in the design of Plastic fans and systems.

We also offer a range of Plastic Silencers, both splitter and circular type depending on the application, we also offer most of our fan range fitted with Acoustic Scrolls to reduce noise emissions from our fans when required. If we do not have a fan unit to meet your exact requirements then we will design one, we have several special fans we can offer, even two stage units with pressure capabilities up to 12,000 Pa.

For more information on our fan selection for the CMVeco range visit our partners at Colasit AG

What We Offer

Noise Data

Fan sound pressure at 1m-3m [dB(A)] and a spectrum of sound power, induct in dB can be provided


Test Certificates

All fans are issued with CE Certificates with our serial numbers and reference to the build standards employed

Data Sheets

Information on the fan construction materials, motor standards and fan performance are available on request

Fan Curves

Performance curves with power data can be downloaded from our web site. All curves are based on performance data for testing under ISO 5801 parameters

We also offer

Consultancy Services

AutoCAD Drawings 2D and 3D Models