CENTRAL FANS – COLASIT LTD also manufactures a range of Plastic Silencers, either splitter type or circular type depending upon the amount of attenuation required for each application. Our circular silencers are available in two types, either straight through or Podded for extra attenuation, the latter having a centrally mounted absorbent pod mounted in the airway to increase its effectiveness, these are available up to 5D (5 x times Dia) and can be supplied either with spigot or flanged ends. Our splitter type silencers are available in standard lengths from 900mm to 2400mm in increments of 300mm, these are flanged both ends as standard. All our silencers are available manufactured from Black Polypropylene (standard), Grey Polypropylene, Grey Fire-retardant Polypropylene and PVC, GRP reinforcement can be also be supplied if required as an extra.


– Perforated inner surfaces to prevent erosion of the infill.
– Mineral fibre infill, which is chemically inert, vermin and rot proof.
– Low resistance to airflow.
– Ease of installation into ducting systems.


– Moisture resistant lining
– Nonstandard sizes
– Temperatures up to 80˚C
– Mounting feet
– Matching flanges
– Flexible connections.


Circular Silencers Ø110 – Ø1250
Circular Silencers (podded) Ø315 – Ø1250
Splitter Type 250mm

Circular silencers are available with either spigot or flanged ends or with threaded inserts, and with or without pods. Overall length of silencer fitted with spigots is C + 2D, flanged unit overall length is C. Materials of construction available: Polypropylene, Fire-retardant Polypropylene and PVC, all sizes can be GRP reinforced if required