Atex Standards

We supply / manufacture fans to meet the ATEX standards 2G & 3G (non-mining), 3G standard fans are all self certified by Central Fans-Colasit Ltd.

All 2G standard fans are fully certified with a lodge file held by BASEEFA for a period of 10 years. End users must complete a fan application sheet (FETA) for risk assessment of standards employed.


From January 1st 2020 the new BS EN 14986: 2017 will apply to all ATEX rated Fans.

All Central Fans – Colasit’s ATEX Cat 2 & Cat 3 rated fans will comply to this standard.

Our manufacturing personal will carry approval certification to carry out work to this standard.

Note! External loads are not permitted on our fans. Ductwork and control items must be independently supported.

FETA sheet completion will be mandatory defining the fan use.

FETA Sheet

This data sheet must be completed by the end user of any ATEX rated fan unit to provide us with important information so we can carry out a risk assessment, this data sheet must be signed and dated by the end user.